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  • Marshmallow - August 31
  • Tiana/Melody - September 5
  • Dug - September 6th
  • Charlotte - Indefinite (estimated return by Sept 5th)
  • Helga - Sept 13
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  juviekid said:
Hey guys, as much as I hate to say it but I think I'm going to have to give up Jim. I have been having some mounting health issues recently that I can't ignore anymore. It's been great!

imageMickey says: Gosh pal we’re gonna miss you but your health is the most important! I hope you feel better and everything goes well. If you ever feel well enough to come back just let us know!

  lexnessa said:
//Leah and Belle are back!

Minnie says: Oh boy, welcome back!

  mrsababwa said:
Dark ebony hair swayed as she walked, her entire being proud yet welcomingly chipper. "I don't suppose you've seen Aladdin running around, have you?" [aloha, friends, the princess is in and her fc is Reshma Shetty]

imageGoofy says: Welcome back, yer Highness! Uh, last time I saw him I think he was pretendin’ ta be invisible or somethin’. (He’s not very good at it…) Good luck findin’ him though!

(Just wanted to let you know that I'm using Isla Fisher as my face claim! Thanks loves!)

Minnie says: Neat-o!

Hey, guys. I'm going on a family vacation to Boston from this coming Sunday (August 24) to the following Sunday, so I guess I could use a small sort-of hiatus. I'll have my computer, but I'll probably be too tired in the evening to do much, so I think it'll just be safe to let you know. See you guys in a week. :)

Minnie says: Have fun, Marshmallow! See ya real soon!

((Heeeeeeeeeeey there. Just a heads up, on Wednesday I go back to my college, and next Monday I start classes. This is not a hiatus, but a day or two with no activity might come up. Thought I'd let you know! Also, SENIOR YEAR GO BEARS WOOO!!!!!!!! That is all.))

imageGoofy says: Good ta see our members makin’ sure their education is top priority, ahyuck! Thanks fer lettin’ us know. But just make sure ta holler at us if ya need an actual hiatus whenever yer workload gets heavy, ya hear?

School just started and if we could but Tia and Mel on Hiatus for two weeks that would be great. Thank you <3

imageGoofy says: All righty! Good luck with yer studyin’ and book readin’ and learnin’ and all that good stuff!

"Hello there, I'm sorry to be a bother but I don't suppose you have seen any of my sisters around here?" (Here's Attina!)

Minnie says: Well now that you mention it, I have seen Adella around look for you! You might wanna head over there and see. Welcome back, Miss Triton!

Hey, I think I'm going to take a hiatus for a bit. I'm just not on the computer as much with fun, real-world stuff going on as well as a job that doesn't make me want to do much on the computer when I get home. So pencil me in for coming back in about three weeks, the 13th as a specific date. See you soon!

imageGoofy says: All righty then, Miss Helga! Make sure ya take a breather every once in a while, ya hear?

Hello, there. My name's Susan Pevensie. It's lovely to meet you.

imageGoofy says: Well, gawrsh! It’s a pleasure to meet ya as well, Miss Susan. Welcome!

Removed from Character List:
New Members:
  • Charlotte - Indefinite
  • Dug - September 6th
  • King Leonardo - Indefinite
  • Leah/Belle - August 25
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I am very sorry to have to do this, but with all that's has been going on the last few weeks, and with no end in sight, I am going to say good bye to Adam. I loved it here, everyone is so wonderful at roleplaying and all of your plots are so intricate and lovely. You all behave like a family and I wanted to be a part of that, but I have responsibilities that prevented me from doing so. :( I wish you guys the best of luck! Stay amazing <3

imageMickey says: Gosh pal. We hate to see you go but we’re glad you have good memories to look back on. Thank you so much for being our guest and we hope you find some time for yourself! Don’t work yourself too hard and keep in touch!

//I have returned. =)

imageGoofy says: Welcome back, yer Highness!


Mickey says: Bonjour yourself! Say, you wouldn’t happen to have some French cheese with you would ya? It’s some of my favorite! Welcome to the group Miss Esmeralda!