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Hello there! We're a brand new disney roleplay looking for some friends! We’d love to be affiliated with your group!

Minnie says: Oh gosh, that’s fantastic!!!! Welcome to the roleplay world, new friends!! We’d love to affiliate with you!

  Anonymous said:
I'm interested in auditioning for Melody from the Little Mermaid. I need to ask what will be changed to her canon if I do? With the movie being set after the first - and the little mermaid rpers being set around the first movie? :)

Minnie says: HIYA anon! Minnie Moderator here to answer your question! I roleplay a TLM character myself in the group (Adella!) The current DWRP The Little Mermaid canon is post-film, with the slight change that our Ariel is engaged to Eric, not yet married. Adella and Arista play on post-film as well, since all characters in the story have to agree on one canon. However, because Ariel is still dating Eric, Melody’s canon would have to be arranged with a discussion to our lovely Ariel!!

We as moderators can’t speak wholly for what the members decide within their film canon, so we can’t decide what you should do with Melody if you intend to audition for her. We can throw out ideas though, if you want! Maybe you and Ariel, if you audition/are accepted as Melody, can decide on something together, maybe Melody’s a princess of a neighboring kingdom instead, whatever you like! Long story short, it’s up for you and our Ariel to decide.


Removed from Character List:
New Members:
  • Esmeralda - Sept 19
  • Rapunzel - semi-hiatus (estimated return by Sept 30th)
  • Aurora/The Prince - semi-hiatus (estimated return by October 10th)
  • Adella/Anna/Phillip - Oct 11
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  undyingmother said:
(Gothel is officially off hiatus~ <3)

Minnie says: Welcome back!

"Hey! Has anyone seen flounder around?" ((Ariel here! I'm headed to class right now, but I'll be back later to meet everyone! ))

imageGoofy says: Shucks, I haven’t seen Flouder at all… but I have seen a bunch of yer sisters swimmin’ around these parts! Hope ya find yer friend soon though! Welcome!

Hey Pals! 

          Whoops, we’re a little late with this week’s prompt, but here you go! Oh, and before we forget, great job with all the Sins/Virtues drabbles and headcanons; they were wonderful to read!

          Little reminder: you can always write previous prompts’ responses any time you like. It doesn’t have to be within the week a prompt is posted! You can also send in new prompt ideas to our inbox.

You can find all the previous prompts here.

This Week's Prompt:

What drives your character? In general, characters have a reason for doing what they do. It can be to fulfill a dream, to stop injustice, or maybe selfishness and all around naughtiness.

With so many “happily ever afters” reached and lost, what is it that your character is striving for now? Is it a person? A goal? Or are they lost and in need a guidance?

This weeks prompt is all about what they want and how they will work to get it (if they’ll work to get it at all). 

In our usual 300-500 word limit, you can either write a soliloquy (the character speaking to themselves) drabble or write it ooc as the mun. Make a note on what really motivates your character and how other members (if applicable) fit into it!

  • Tag it as #DWRP PROMPT for everyone to see
  • Be sure that if it’s triggering it is put under read more / tagged appropriately.
Cinderella is pre-film now. Just throwing that out there. Because, you know. Meh. Also getting to the blurb. Someday. Thanks.

imageMickey says: Alrighty Grand Duke. We’ll fix it up and await your blurb! Take your time and congrats on the engagement! 

  juviekid said:
"Hey, you didn't happen to see a flying blob around here did you?" ((Jim's back and man I missed you guys <3))

imageGoofy says: Gawrsh, I sure haven’t — unless my jelly sandwich suddenly started floatin’ around without me knowin’! Welcome back, Jim!

You can remove me from hiatus. :3

Minnie says: Oh BOY! Welcome back!

Hey guuuys. I'd like to put Phillip/Anna/Adella on a month long hiatus. School's been really tough on me lately and the only real free time I have is for sleeping. I'll be around for a reply here and there, but I won't be terribly active for the next month. Thanks!

imageGoofy says: All righty, Miss Aqssa! We’ll see ya in a month. Remember to take a breather every so often and drink lots o’ water, all right? Good luck!

Removed from Character List:
New Members:
  • Helga - Sept 13
  • Gothel - Sept 13
  • Duke/Maleficent - Sept 14 
  • Hook - Sept 17
  • Esmeralda - Sept 19
  • Rapunzel - semi-hiatus (estimated return by Sept 30th)
  • Aurora/The Prince - semi-hiatus (estimated return by October 10th)
  • Adella/Anna/Phillip - Oct 11
Important Announcements:
  isenvillenok said:
[ I'd also like to make blonde Natalie Dormer my FC for Elsa ]

imageMickey says: And so it shall be done! 

Could you point me in the direction of the closest library? (Her FC is going to be Mary Elizabeth Winstead.)

imageMickey says: You’re in luck the closest library is about two kingdoms away on horseback, but that wouldn’t be a problem for you I betcha. Welcome to the group Belle!

  isenvillenok said:
"I was just wondering if anyone's seen my sister around?" [ Ops here's Elsa. Haven't nailed down an FC yet though - sorry ]

imageMickey says: I thought it was the weather but I see why it suddenly feels chilier. Brrr! Welcome to the group your Majesty, your sister has been waiting for you!

[SInce my laptop has been messing up AGAIN, I'll have to put Aurora and Princey on a semi-hiatus. I'll have an ipad to borrow, but that makes it harder to do things so yeah xD]

imageMickey says: That seems to be going around! Don’t ya worry princess, well make a note on that. Sorry to hear about your computer though, hope you can get it fixed soon!