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Good luck to those starting school!
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(Hi, guys! I'm back from my vacation, and should be able to work on replies this week. I'm just settling back into my home, but you can take me off hiatus now. :) )

Minnie says: Welcome back! Hope you had a SUPER swell time in Boston and had lots of adventures. Be sure to tell us about all of them, kay?

  littleprinz said:
[Snow-mun and I decided to make our characters a bit older so changing Princey's fc to Armie Hammer~!]

Minnie says: Nooooo problem, we’ll add him to the list!

Hey Pals! 

          Thanks to those of you who participated in the month of AUgust. We hope you enjoyed the different AUs and chatting with new friends! But now that August is over, it’s time for our optional weekly Writing Prompts again!

          Little reminder: you can always write previous prompts’ responses any time you like. It doesn’t have to be within the week a prompt is posted! You can also send in new prompt ideas to our inbox.

You can find all the previous prompts here.

This Week's Prompt:

Write a drabble (or starter if you’re feeling adventurous) involving your character indulging in one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Using a random number generator, pick one of the seven sins to write about in 300-500 words.

  1. Lust/Lechery
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed/Avarice
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath/Rage
  6. Envy
  7. Pride

BONUS PROMPT: Write in another post what each sin means to your character. This is more of a character building/headcanon option.

  • Tag it as #DWRP PROMPT for everyone to see
  • Be sure that if it’s triggering it is put under read more / tagged appropriately.
  talkingdogdug said:
{Hey. I will not be able to get my muse back unfortunately. School is just really hitting me hard right now, which is leaving me with no time to get Dug back. But I want to thank you for letting me join. ^-^}

imageGoofy says: Aw, shucks. We sure had fun havin’ ya around though! Good luck with school and don’t be a stranger, ya hear?

Dug is open!

  mrsababwa said:
[I know I just started back on her, but since there's another princess I'm more fond of, I'll unfortunately be dropping my sweet Jas]

imageGoofy says: All righty! Enjoy yer new character!

Jasmine is open!

It seemed the princess was barefoot again, softly padding against the stone of the castle exterior as a light hymn fell from her lips. "It's a wonderful day, don't you think?" [and here we have Aurora! FC Frida Gustavsson~!]

imageGoofy says: I’ll say! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am, ahyuck! Welcome, yer Highness!

  undyingmother said:
//As much as I hate to go on hiatus with everything that's going on in the group right now, I'm at a very low point in my life and I can't bring myself to write anything. I'd like a two week hiatus, hopefully I'll feel better by then.

imageGoofy says: Gawrsh, sorry to hear that. Hope things pick up fer ya soon. We’ll be right here where you left us!

  hiddenblondie said:
Hiii guys man I feet really bad but my charger broke so I'm gonna have to take a semi-hiatus I'll be around here and there but idk how I'm gonna get to threads with school starting up and only having my iPad to communicate!)

Goofy says: No worries, Miss Rapunzel! We’ll be waiting fer yer full return so you can share more wonderful stories with us.

The fairest was indeed filled with such delight whenever meeting a new friend or acquaintance, this time was definitely no exception; and of course, they had chosen to meet at the most pleasant of times. "Why, you're just in time for supper!" {{snow white has arrived! i would love to have my face claim as ginnifer goodwin!}}

imageGoofy says: Oh boy! Hope ya don’t mind a few extra friends at yer table now. Welcome!

School Bells are ringing!

Hiya pals!

We’re sure you’re all aware that school is back/going to be back in session for a lot of people, including DWRP’s members who are students (or teachers — you never know)! We understand if you won’t be online every day because we know that your education is definitely top priority.

As a member, all we ask of you is to post at least ONE IC post (a reply to a thread, one shot/drabble, headcanon, any other post along those lines; queues that run images do not count) per week in order to be counted as active. If you haven’t posted anything IC in over a week, we will send an activity notice, like we usually do. (Please refer to the Hiatus, Inactivity, and Leaving Policy section in the Rules for more details.)

If you think/you know you’re unable to do that, let us know if you’ll be away for long periods of time (a week or longer) by sending us a hiatus message — we know how tests, projects, performances, and other things can be mentally taxing as well as take up time.

If it comes to the point, it’s okay to give up your character if things become too overwhelming. Again, we understand. However, you’re always welcome to come back as any open characters we have when things ease up for you!

With that being said, good luck to everyone currently or on their way to conquering this quarter/semester/school year! Have some pixie dust on us!

—The Gang
Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy

Hey, guys. I need to put Duke and Mally on a hiatus to the 14th of September. Things have been busy on my end and I need a bit of a break. I'll be back!

imageGoofy says: Gotcha! Hope things calm down by then — we’ll be here waitin’, ahyuck!

  fxbella said:
Hey, folks! It's been a good run, but I think it's time to make Leah and Belle indie so I can relax and focus on my final year of high school while getting ready for college.

Minnie says: Sorry to see you go, but as always we wish you all the best on your academic career and roleplay life! Please don’t be a stranger, though! We’ll miss you a lot!

Hey guys, after a lot of thought I think it is time for me to step down from Aurora. Between my back, getting ready for grad school, and other happenings it is simply that time. I wish all of you nothing but the best.

Minnie says: Thank you and Aurora for all the fun memories! We’ll sure miss you a lot but we wish you all the best—your health is most important after all! Be sure to go on plenty of adventures!

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  juviekid said:
Hey guys, as much as I hate to say it but I think I'm going to have to give up Jim. I have been having some mounting health issues recently that I can't ignore anymore. It's been great!

imageMickey says: Gosh pal we’re gonna miss you but your health is the most important! I hope you feel better and everything goes well. If you ever feel well enough to come back just let us know!