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Kristoff is baaaaaack! ))

imageMickey says: Wonderful! Welcome back pal.

[I suppose this is my message of return!]

imageMickey says: Welcome back!

  Anonymous said:
So is no one going to be able to apply for a while? Cause I was actually thinking of applying again since I'd left at the beginning of the year because of school, but things cleared up now for some reason so I was thinking of coming back.

imageMickey says: Of course! Everyone and anyone can still apply. The group will continue to run as is but just know that the dash will be slow if and when you’re accepted.

Just in case anyone gets the wrong idea. This isn't directed at anyone this is us trying to figure out what's going on in the group and how to fix it. Please read cuz it's very important that people are informed and maybe you can shed some light into it. We could be missing something HUGE so talk to us!
Katy (Rapunzel): I was thinking posting something like this what do you think?
Remember how we said we’d really work on activity? Weeelll in general activity has been suckish for whatever reason and it never really took off. So I guess we should consider the group in general semi-active all around? Because I honestly don’t know what else to do. Events don’t ever really get picked up and people only seem to rp with those they have extended plots with which isn’t fair to new members coming in. Classes should be over (university/ college) in around a month and then high school I think is around June? I suppose this is ‘a do what you need to do and think about whether or not you’re going to return after’ post. I know that a lot of you want to stick around but it’s just hard with classes and stuff but if that’s the case. If you can’t even log on once (or twice) a week then what’s the point? I’m going to talk to the rest of the mods about this and see if what we’re gonna do. And of course even if you leave you can always come to this chat. If you WANT to be active but have trouble putting yourself out there TELL US!!
Al (Lamp): personally i want to know why events don't get picked up because majority of them are really good
Katy (Rapunzel): I feel is because people think Oh I won't have time to do that and then everyone is on hiatus all the time so that puts a damper on things but I feel giving everyone this freebe "do what you need to do month"
Al (Lamp): don't confuse the new members with it tho
Katy (Rapunzel): yeah not a "we're disbanding" just a semi-hiatus all around?
Aqssa (Adella): I think the problem with the group is that a lot of people kinda have indie mindsets, or actually jsut 1x1 mindsets. they only rp amongst themselves and keep to their plots? which is bad cuz you know it's a group. and i get plots and everything but then new people get left out and then leave. that's also prolly why events dont get picked up because people are just into their own things so why interact with other people, and also prolly why events just turn into shippy stuff like the camping thing did and we all were put out by that and like i rly dunno how to change that
Katy (Rapunzel): dwrp went from having aroudn 60 members to 30ish
Aqssa (Adella): and yeah people get discouraged because it's so close knit
Katy (Rapunzel): I think what we need is a universal plot? that helps fit everyone in
Aqssa (Adella): maybe cuz i know /youuuu/ dont mean it, you point it out a lot yourself actually, but i know people that left cuz it seemed like everything revolved around tangled which isn't your fault at all it just kinda happens and then it's hard to unwind
Katy (Rapunzel): no yeah like I hate it a lot I HATE IT SO MUCH
Al (Lamp): it's just that you rp with everyone so it's not on purpose
Aqssa (Adella): yeah but other people it's like if you're not connected to that someway it feels a little ... not left out but like pressured to? sleeping beauty also might be close to that
Katy (Rapunzel): No it makes total sense cuz I've noticed that and Raven and I joke that everyone stays at the castle because literally everyone comes to corona its like a tourist attraction
Aqssa (Adella): dunno why though like expaaaand
Al (Lamp): nah bruh i'll stay at my own place it's way bigger
Aqssa (Adella): i rly though frozen was gonna help things out it's a shame i really think reeeeally think peopl ehave to try more but we can't MAKE motivation
Katy (Rapunzel): but then you get roadblocked
Aqssa (Adella): because people are already so involved in other things they dont want to, yeah
Katy (Rapunzel): and no one dares to move to other places
Aqssa (Adella): i dont know what's the root of it though
Katy (Rapunzel): BUT that's why I feel that having a plot like one big ole baddy deciding to fuck shit up and forcing everyone to connect and move around like some kind of united nations of disney
Aqssa (Adella): but my one hesitation is that thing like will people really do it? like commit
Al (Lamp): or just be like NOPE I HAVE MY PLOTS
Katy (Rapunzel): mhm cuz events always get ignored
Aqssa (Adella): cuz then you get people that aren't so connected and then it turns into a bigger corona problem
Aqssa (Adella): lol The Corona Project
Katy (Rapunzel): the anti-corona project
Aqssa (Adella): and they're GOOD events
Katy (Rapunzel): but I feel is that the corona seems to have a concrete plot so instead of just working on outside stuff people jump in that one cuz its easier?
Aqssa (Adella): to feel included, too
Al (Lamp): what's the plot that people cling to? what?
Aqssa (Adella): i felt that upon joining not even a corona plot it's maybe just general be in the tangled fandom
Katy (Rapunzel): there's honestly no plot it's just concrete like there's a means to an end? it's really basic rapunzel is back king was gone queen took over and shit happened on the way now king is back
Aqssa (Adella): yeah idk you like gravitate to it because everyone's doing it. it's just such a huge part of the group huuuuge
Katy (Rapunzel): and we need to stop it cuz I dno't like it and like I really love connecting all the movies but not if it means dwrp becoming a Tangled RP Group + Friends
Aqssa (Adella): like a few people are too steeped in tangled that it just felt like a tangled rp
Katy (Rapunzel): and we need to nip that on the butt
Aqssa (Adella): how though? howwww ;n;
Katy (Rapunzel): ... I mean after my hiatus I can pick up a villain and start fuckign shit up idk Hades couldn't take over olympus so he turns his attention to earth? but then I don't wanna force people onto a plot either
Aqssa (Adella): yeah i get that i dunnnnno it's such a problem
Katy (Rapunzel): I don't want it to be like SO THEN HADES IS HERE IGNORE YOUR OWN PLOTS AND JOIN MINE
Katy (Rapunzel): Even if Rapunzel travels it all goes back to Corona in the end so *flops* this sucks I feel bad and with so many people leaving i don't even know what movies to count
Aqssa (Adella): with so many people leaving it gets more and more closed in
Katy (Rapunzel): It's just hard considering the members we have now are like 40% from these four movies so even if we come up with something it's gonna lead back to this
Aqssa (Adella): yeah like that's what i feel no matter what we try
Katy (Rapunzel): how about instead of fighting it we embrace it and force it to build?
Aqssa (Adella): or if you're like not a princess/kingdom movie then it's hard too hmm? example? ovo when i think about that i think like "how could you incorporate" and it feels limiting because of the situation
Katy (Rapunzel): because all these movies are princess based
Aqssa (Adella): yeah it feels like ppl dont last if they're not princess related cuz then you worry about timelines
Katy (Rapunzel): but timelines are not even a probleeem
Aqssa (Adella): but then people don't but i dunno whhhhhhhy i think like we should all look at our threads and think about how to make it more plot-y instead of just talky?
Katy (Rapunzel): all my threads are plot-y tho
Aqssa (Adella): that's how my threads turned out with adella in the end, the plots in the group are fizzled out
Aqssa (Adella): i know you do that's why corona feels awesome and secure with plot i mean just generally, with other people
Katy (Rapunzel): but that's why I asked if people wanted to link threads like everyone sticking their threads together to make one giant dwrp plot i mean we could have heartless taking over but then it becomes a Kingdom hearts group
Aqssa (Adella): or people wouldnt wanna be a part of it
Katy (Rapunzel): if only we had move villains if villains united that could be a group plot
Aqssa (Adella): villains are so hard to do sometimes cuz you feel so like OK only things i can do are evil-y
Katy (Rapunzel): people take it personally
Aqssa (Adella): so you have extremes where like no in between evil evil evil only evil plots ----------- bad guy gone good
Katy (Rapunzel): which why i'm saying semi-hiatus for everone in the group if you're gone for a month ok no problem don't worry about it the deadline can be end of may? unfollow everyone and at the end of may when people come back we start following them again if we don't hear from them by like june 5th they're out completely
Aqssa (Adella): i agree
Katy (Rapunzel): like if we just retcon the whole group it WOULD fix the problem but then that's a shit thing to do but maybe when people come back we can pick and choose what part of the plot(s) we want to keep
Aqssa (Adella): i really dont advise a whole retcon
Aqssa (Adella): what's hard is like how to make plots BIG, you know?
Al (Lamp): that sounds scary because people might take that too seriously
Aqssa (Adella): maybe it's too big, yeah maybe just start small develop worlds, then connect those so it's an original thing
Katy (Rapunzel): mhm which we tried to do with the movie sideblogs and then the mini descriptions
Aqssa (Adella): that just fell through i feel like that happens a lot people just gotta try on their own more cuz ihave a lot of potential i feel, as do sooo many others they just do what's easy and build upon stuff that's already built
Katy (Rapunzel): i'm already thinkgint about a year from now I should be out of college like am I even gonna have time to run the group? Are you guys gonna have time?
Aqssa (Adella): what
Katy (Rapunzel): like in general cuz this isn't something that's recent it's been going on for a good year and a half now so are we beating a dead horse in the face idk how that saying goes
Aqssa (Adella): just beating a dead horse but i mean i don't know in terms of me, i'll probably be around but a lot of things change in a year clearly i can't say like "yes" so long as the group needs me i won't leave ofc cuz i mean a year ago i didnt think i'd be a moderator but outside of me idk what i can say for the group

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  • Kristoff, hiatus. Returning April 12th.
  • Gothel, hiatus. Indefinite
  • Rapunzel, hiatus. Returning May 20th.
  • Buddy, hiatus. Returning April 21st.

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Ahoy! My name is Zarina. Has anyone seen my bag of pixie dust? I kind of need it for some experiments...

imageGoofy says: Uhhh, can’t say I know anythin’ ‘bout that, Miss Zarina. I hope you’ll find it soon — who knows what’ll happen if it falls into the wrong hands, right? We might have to recruit Aladdin and his Magic Carpet friend to fetch people down from ceilings and rooftops, ahyuck!

  bayouroyal said:
Hey y'all! Tiana here!

imageGoofy says: Welcome, Miss Tiana — and just in time, too! I heard about them famous beignets of yers and apparently word gets ‘round quick here… Let’s just say I hope ya made enough fer the whole group!

  marixnetta said:
ooc ; the blog's all set up aaaaaaah ; v ; thank you for letting me join this group sadlgsjglsd

imageGoofy says: Gawrsh! Will ya look at that — a talkin’ puppet! Well, now that I think about it, yer not really somethin’ too outta place ‘round these parts. You should hear Miss Belle talk about her singin’ furniture friends, ahyuck! 

Welcome, Pinocchio!

  hiddenblondie said:
MY BABIES! I feel horrible for being so sporadic this past month or so but I need to take a hiatus. I have to work on about 12 presentations / papers / communication major junk so I need to buckle down and prioritize. I'll still be around during my breaks but threads are on hold (with the exception of king because I want them to be able to rp with everyone and open that door ya know? ) so put me on hiatus until May 20th? (so line a month omfg) NOTE I'll still be around to mod! ♥

Minnie says: Gotcha, we’ll put you down for hiatus right away! Work hard!

(hey friends, I'm going to have to step down from my place here in the group. I was hoping that I would have more time for Alex, and it turns out I just don't. Thank you for being so wonderful, and giving me a chance!)

Minnie says: We’ll miss you Alexander! Thanks for all the fun!

[[Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know I'm probably gonna be on hiatus until after Easter. I'm working on a bunch of cosplays right now for a con that weekend, so that's where all my attention is going. But I'll be back soon, I promise! Smooches for all of you.

Minnie says: Sure thing Buddy! See ya soon!

ooc; I'm sorry to do this but I think for the time being I'll have to drop Melody. I love you guys and will still be here every so often, but with a lack of internet and finals coming up I think it's going to be too much to keep up with. I love you guys though, you're the best, and am never too far away.

imageMinnie says: Oh gosh… well, we’re suuuuuuure gonna miss ya and all the fun memories we’ve had. You really did make a big splash over here. We love you too so please don’t be a stranger!

  Anonymous said:
are we allowed to reserve characters?

imageMinnie says: You may send in an ask of intent saying that you want to audition for the character, but that is not a reservation. We won’t hold the character for you in case someone else comes with their audition for the same character and we haven’t heard back from you for a while. Say, for example, I sent in an ask asking if I can audition for Hans and the mods give me the okay. I have ample amount of time to submit the audition (about 1-2 weeks), before the mods assume that you won’t be submitting your audition. If someone else auditions for Hans in the meantime, and the mods haven’t received my audition within the week, we’ll take the Hans that submitted an audition.

So TL;DR, we do not reserve characters, but you should send an ask of intent so the mods know to expect an audition from you within a reasonable amount of time.

  Anonymous said:
Is Peter Pan open?

Minnie says: He sure is!

[I hate to do this, but I have to let Merida go. My life has become so busy and I don't see it slowing down until after graduation. I'm so sorry. I had fun though being here ^-^]

imageGoofy says: On behalf of the Gang, I wish ya good luck with all yer schoolin’ and everything else ya have to deal with. We sure did enjoy yer company though! Don’t be a stranger!

The role of Merida is OPEN.