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{ I have a friend coming to visit for the next week or so and we will be spending a lotttt of time at Disneyland, so could Marian be put on hiatus until next weekend? I'll try to sneak on when I can xD }

Minnie says: Of course you can!! Be sure to have loooooooooots of fun in the happiest place in the world! Be sure to meet me and the gang while you’re at it!

Hey guys! I'm going to DISNEY WORLD~ for the next ten days, so please put me on a hiatus :)

imageMickey says: Oh boy! Its our favorite place! You are now placed on hiatus. Be sure to wear lots of sunscreen and bring a bottle of water with you.
And don’t forget to take lots of pictures for us to see when you return! See ya’ in ten days!


To bring some of you out of hiding and say one last hurrah to summer before (some) of us pack for school we are bringing you not one, not two, but three AUs and the last week of August will be a free for all!

This is a chatroom and dash event and are both optional. You can participate in both or one or the other it all depends on you! Be warned, we do expect people who are interested so don’t be surprised when you see threads pop up!

Take the chance to roleplay with people you haven’t roleplayed with before!

Oh but silly us, you probably want to know what the events are before you make a decision don’t you?

Well alright, our three planned events this month are 

           Week One  - High School AU (with a dash of musical Au) - August 3rd - 9th

Welcome to W. Elias High School where Principal Mickey Mouse, his clumsy secretary Mr. Goof, and the ever lovely Nurse Minnie help find out what your passion is! With finals coming in a few weeks and The musical just days away from opening night, will your character cave under the pressure or shine bright?

            Week Two - Camp AU (minus the murders)August 10th - 16th

With summer stretching to the end of its season, our favorite characters decide to go on a week long getaway and relax in the sunny lakeside location, Camp Yen Sid. Here you can partake in all sorts of activities like horseback riding, canoeing, fencing, archery and much more! 

            Week Three - Superpower AU - August 17th - 23rd

The City of Vista Way is an ocean side city most famous for its active volcano and it’s unusually high crime rates. Vista Way is far from lost cause with its residents out to protect it but evil lurks around any corner and some days are better than others. Whether or not they can band together and form alliances or not it’s up to you.

            Week Four - Free for All + Wrap Up - August 24th - 30th

✗ D A S H

WEEK ONE - HIGH SCHOOL : You can age your character up or down and decide if you want to be a teacher or a student. As a student, you can pick your own schedule with four core classes (English, Math, Science, History) and two electives. As a teacher, you can choose what subject(s) you’ll be teaching. Lunch period will be roleplayed in the chatroom.

The mascot is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and the school is called W. Elias High School in Disney, California. This is a free for all type of plot so we won’t control what happens during this week. Just know that finals will be coming up soon and the musical will open on sunday night.

For those who wish to join the musical subplot please contact the group mods by August 2nd 11:59 PM EST so we can do a random selection on who will play the leads. The musical is High School Musical (because that’s hilarious) and it’s something most people know.

You don’t have to be in the play you can also decide to work stage crew which is just as important! If you wish to do stage crew you don’t have to ask us just do it just let us know so you can be put on the list!

WEEK TWO - CAMP :  For those of you who remember the last camp AU it’s relatively the same. The only difference is that there won’t be a killer on the loose and there are no cabins! This is strictly BYOT (bring your own tent)! That being said, members can pick to be either a camper or a camp counselor while participating in this AU.

There will be an infirmary cabin, other cabins to do camp activities in, a mess hall, stables, fields, woods, the lake, an archery range, rock climbing wall, obstacle course, and rentable bicycles if you did not bring your own. RVs are acceptable as well.

The chatroom will always be the bonfire pits and will always be night time.

WEEK THREE - SUPERPOWER : The AU takes place in the City of Vista Way, home to heroes, villains, and your everyday civilians. You can decided whether your character has powers or not, whether they have secret identities and whether they side with good or bad. You don’t have to be a hero or villain if you have powers the choice is up to you and what you think your character would do in that situation. 

Remember that money, power, and fame are powers as well!

Super powers will be chosen through this link (click it once!). It’s preferred that you choose the first thing that it gives you (unless it’s not a super power or its deemed too godmode-y. Use your own judgement on whether or not this power is acceptable. We think that If the article says universe, omnipotent, reality, or other similar words it’s safe to say you should click again.

During the super hero AU if your character gets into a battle with another and you can’t decide who wins flip a coin; heads it hits tails it doesn’t. Don’t assume your hits make contact and don’t make your character so invincible that they never get hit. Be kind to each other and keep it a fair fight.

The chatroom will be the City of Vista Way on a regular day. Feel free to add villains on the lose and team up! 

The last week will be a wrap up week for those who don’t want to extend their AUs past August and for those who wish to do other AUs (like Avatar, Harry Potter, Mythology, Doctor Who, etc.) can do so!

✗ R U L E S

○      No Smuting. This isn’t an excuse to go crazy. Let’s keep the event PG-13 and as IC as possible.
○      No Godmodding!
○     Group Rules Apply. 
○      Don’t stress yourself about it if you can’t do all of them or are only interested in some of the events. This is for you to have fun!
○      Please post a bio for each event AU you participate in. Doing that will make it easier for other members to understand your character better and hopefully form threads with you.
○      Please assume that the mod characters (Mickey and the Gang, not their roleplay accounts) are the “leaders” of the AUs. Mayor, camp Director, Principal and other types of positions. This is to keep the actual members on a pretty equal playing field.
○      What happens in the AU stays in the AU. 
○      Chatroom is 100% in character during the month (excluding silly notes and reactions in parentheses)! 

Tag everything you post as #DWRP AUGUST and #DWRP AUGUST!PROFILE for easy access!

"H-hello, I h-heard that the Hatter might be around? I s-seem to have run out of tea-a." ( Alice here! Face Claim is Emily Kinney )

imageGoofy says: He should be ‘round here somewhere. I’m sure he’ll fix one right up fer ya once ya find him, ahyuck! Welcome back, Alice!

  baronombre said:
"Y'all called for a doctor?" the bokor crooned as he appeared into the room. (Hello! Ready to get started!)

imageGoofy says: Well, shucks, I didn’t know anyone ‘round here was sick. Hope ya find whoever needs ya soon, doc! Welcome!

What’s to come: Group Event - AUgust!

Hey there, folks! Goofy here with some news!

If you were around the chat the past couple o’ days, you might already know that we’ll be having an event going on all next month called AUgust! That’s not a typo — we’ll be focusing on AUs (Alternate Universes) all month, each week focusing on a different one. Thank you to all who were able to give us some input on ideas fer this event!

Durin’ this event, you’re allowed to make threads with other members as we explore these AUs on the dashboard. We’ll also be doin’ some events in the chatroom as well! 

The specifics will be posted on July 31st, giving y’all some time on August 1st and 2nd to ponder about how yer character(s) will be fittin’ into these new worlds. By August 3rd, we’ll be startin’ the first AU. Every Sunday after will be the start of a new AU.

Note, this event is entirely optional, but it’ll most likely be the main focus of the dahsboard fer the month. You don’t even have to participate in all the AUs we give ya. You’re also allowed to keep workin’ on yer regular threads throughout the month, but we figured the AUs will be a nice break for y’all.

Mickey and Minnie and I are still workin’ out the specifics of each week, but stay tuned for the official announcement on the 31st, ahyuck!

I was supposed to come back from hiatus a while ago, and honestly I was just putting off logging in. I decided that I'm going to go ahead and let Naveen go, so that someone who is actually going to be active can pick him up if they desire. I'm sorry to leave without having stayed all that long. You guys are awesome, and I'll miss you. ♥

imageGoofy says: D’aww, we’ll miss ya too since you were a real pleasure to have around! Hope to see ya again soon!

I'd like to change my FC to Katie Cassidy.

imageGoofy says: Note taken, ladies! Thanks fer lettin’ us know.

  Anonymous said:
I'm a bit lost in the nav. Is Anna from Frozen open?

Goofy says: Currently, Anna is taken!

Our Open/Taken Character list is found here in Chapter 2: Characters of our To Join process found on the left-side navigation list. Any other characters with a TAKEN link beside their name is taken as well, but any other character is up fer grabs!

Here is Nala's page! FC is Estella Daniels.

imageGoofy says: Welcome back, Miss Nala! Nice ta see ya around again, ahyuck!

  iamnotaprize said:
((My apologies, I'll have to take off until probably the 30th of July. Work has been super nuts.

imageGoofy says: Hope everythin’ calms down a bit by then, yer Highness! See ya then!

  Anonymous said:
Are face claims set in stone? Do all characters have face claims? - Anonymous Anon

Minnie says: Hey there, anon! Face claims are not set in stone! There is no requirement in the group to have face claims, so, of course, the characters you apply for do not come with pre-set face claims. If you want your character to have one, that’s up to you! Our Aladdin for example (aka Goofy Mod) does not have a face claim.

Have a great day! 

((I have returned!

Goofy says: Welcome back, yer Highness, ahyuck!

"He--LLO everyone~! Did you guys miss me? Weeeeeell of course you did! That's a silly question to ask."

imageMickey says: Very silly indeed! Welcome back to the group I’m sure everyone will be excited to see you.

Hey howdy hey. So here's the dealio. State fair is starting up for me tomorrow (I have chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs entered) and I will have that going on until July 21st. Now, I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending on the fairgrounds, so this is really more of a semi-hiatus, since there will probably be plenty of time for me to at least do a few replies. But just in case, you know where I'll be. ♥

imageMickey says: No problem! Good luck and have fun!