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I was supposed to come back from hiatus a while ago, and honestly I was just putting off logging in. I decided that I'm going to go ahead and let Naveen go, so that someone who is actually going to be active can pick him up if they desire. I'm sorry to leave without having stayed all that long. You guys are awesome, and I'll miss you. ♥

imageGoofy says: D’aww, we’ll miss ya too since you were a real pleasure to have around! Hope to see ya again soon!

I'd like to change my FC to Katie Cassidy.

imageGoofy says: Note taken, ladies! Thanks fer lettin’ us know.

  Anonymous said:
I'm a bit lost in the nav. Is Anna from Frozen open?

Goofy says: Currently, Anna is taken!

Our Open/Taken Character list is found here in Chapter 2: Characters of our To Join process found on the left-side navigation list. Any other characters with a TAKEN link beside their name is taken as well, but any other character is up fer grabs!

Here is Nala's page! FC is Estella Daniels.

imageGoofy says: Welcome back, Miss Nala! Nice ta see ya around again, ahyuck!

  iamnotaprize said:
((My apologies, I'll have to take off until probably the 30th of July. Work has been super nuts.

imageGoofy says: Hope everythin’ calms down a bit by then, yer Highness! See ya then!

  Anonymous said:
Are face claims set in stone? Do all characters have face claims? - Anonymous Anon

Minnie says: Hey there, anon! Face claims are not set in stone! There is no requirement in the group to have face claims, so, of course, the characters you apply for do not come with pre-set face claims. If you want your character to have one, that’s up to you! Our Aladdin for example (aka Goofy Mod) does not have a face claim.

Have a great day! 

((I have returned!

Goofy says: Welcome back, yer Highness, ahyuck!

"He--LLO everyone~! Did you guys miss me? Weeeeeell of course you did! That's a silly question to ask."

imageMickey says: Very silly indeed! Welcome back to the group I’m sure everyone will be excited to see you.

Hey howdy hey. So here's the dealio. State fair is starting up for me tomorrow (I have chickens, ducks, and guinea pigs entered) and I will have that going on until July 21st. Now, I'm not sure how much time I'll be spending on the fairgrounds, so this is really more of a semi-hiatus, since there will probably be plenty of time for me to at least do a few replies. But just in case, you know where I'll be. ♥

imageMickey says: No problem! Good luck and have fun!

(For the sake of being simple, I've decided to make Cinderella pre-film. I'm the only Cinderella character now and I think being pre-film will make things easier for anyone who wishes to join me. With that said, I'll figure something to write for the little blurb in the Characters section sometime this week. Thank you very much.)

imageMickey says: No problem Duke. We’ll be sure to make a note on that.

AAAAAAAYYY. I'll be gone Wednesday night thru Sunday for a camping trip/wedding!

Minnie says: See ya real soon, Your Majesty!

Hey Pals! 

          Last week’s prompt were great! It was fun seeing people engage and the drabbles were so fun! Hopefully it got people talking which was what it was all about to begin with.

          Little reminder: you can always write previous prompts’ responses any time you like. It doesn’t have to be within the week a prompt is posted!

This Week's Prompt:

This week’s prompt is less in character and more about who your character is. We’ve already made a post about it in our ooc but we figured an official message was due.

During our meeting we discussed everyone posting a sort of “bio” about your character and where they are at this moment. If you need any more information on it you can click here or message hiddenblondie / reply to it on the ooc blog. The bios can be tagged with #DWRP BIO for easier access. 

BUT! because some have already done it we don’t want you to feel left out. BONUS PROMPT:

Write a letter to another member in the group about any topic, as long as you want, and must contain the word Enthralled. You can submit it to their askbox or just post it on dash. 

  • Tag it as #DWRP PROMPT for everyone to see
  • Be sure that if it’s triggering it is put under read more / tagged appropriately.

Mickey mun said you should all come to chat because mickey mun is there 

"I have returned. Sorry for my disappearance but I am here now.", the Queen smiled apologetically.

imageMickey says: No worries Your Majesty. Welcome back!

((Hey guys! Could I request a short hiatus from today until next week, July 19th? It's tech week for this play I'm doing, and I know I haven't been very active because rehearsals & summer school kinda took over my life, but now I feel like I oughta make it official.))

imageMickey says: Ah we were wondering where you’ve been off to. We were getting worried you’d run off to your ice castle again. We’ll put you down for the 19th! Good luck with your play!