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Αs a prose-only para group, we focus on adventurous, meaningful, and magical stories built on development. In doing so we help bring not only the characters closer but also the fans as well!
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──────────  ”Hiya pals, and happy almost-summer!”

Anxious about the audition process of a group? Well, have no fear! 

To kickstart a great summer, Disney Writers Roleplay is initiating a temporary *NEW* and *EASY* audition process!

Simply send in your audition, without even having to ask, and you’ll receive a response the minute one of our four moderators are online (which is very quick because the moderators are in 3 different timezones) ! It cuts the wait time off by a whole lot!

NOTE: Some elements of the audition process are still in play!

  1. You must, of course, read the rules thoroughly.
  2. It must be a character that is not already taken in the group.
  3. The audition sample should be 3 paragraphs, minimum, preferably with dialogue.

Sounds pretty neat, huh? Remember, you don’t have to ask before sending in your audition! Pick out an available character, and just pop in your audition!

We hope to see you reeeeal soon!

                                                            ─── Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald